"Fun, whimsical, and expertly produced"

Destination Services Association

"A succession of eye-popping acts"

Carol Cling, Las Vegas Review-Journal

"Not like any circus you’ve ever seen."

Brock Radke, Las Vegas Sun

"Absolute perfection"

Geoff Carter, Las Vegas Weekly

"Earnest, big-hearted and captivating"

Geoff Carter, Las Vegas Weekly

"Circus 1903 luxuriates in tradition."

Steve Bornfeld, Las Vegas Magazine

"Spectacular entertainment for the entire family"

Stage Online

"Heartstopping...A great night's entertainment!"

Sydney Morning Herald

"Magnificent elephants"

From the puppeteers of 'War Horse'


USA Today

"Stunning and astonishing!"

Los Angeles Times

"A spectacular tribute to the golden age of circus."

KTLA News (Los Angeles)

"It’s the thrills and the daredevil experience one would expect from the circus."

KTLA News (Los Angeles)

"A show you’ll never forget."

Broadway World

"Simply sensational!"

Los Angeles Post-Examiner

"One of the most entertaining performances ever created."

Los Angeles Post-Examiner

"A show with broad appeal and a show that will glow in your memory forever."

Los Angeles Post-Examiner

"Mesmerizing music, costumes that evoke the authenticity of the period, lighting and sets that transport you out of the daily grind into the fantastical."

Broadway World

"The allure of the impossible and the graceful artistry of performers who have spent a lifetime developing their skills come together in a whimsically nostalgic presentation."

Broadway World

"Gorgeous in every detail, CIRCUS 1903 overdelivers on the promise of a grand time for the whole family. Believe me, you want to see this show!"

Broadway World